Chapter 10Law #1: Integrity Builds Trust

The following week, Matt landed at the airport and walked straight toward Dillon's. He saw Randy sitting at a table waiting for him.

“Thanks for rescheduling to this time,” Matt said. “I'm so sorry I had to leave early from our meeting last week. My boss can be quite demanding.”

“No problem,” Randy replied with a smile. As he was talking, one of the employees brought over a specialty deep‐dish pizza. Matt's eyes got big. “I enjoyed that last one so much! I can't wait to have some more!”

As they started to eat, Matt asked Randy, “So last week you talked about laws that you teach people in business. I want to learn more about that.”

Randy replied, “Let's go. I'm ready to share. But you need to know, they aren't just about business. They have to do with who you are as a person.”

Matt pulled his pen and paper out of his bag. He scribbled down the words that came so smoothly from Randy's mouth, even though it seemed like gibberish to him. “Integrity creates congruence, which builds trust. Without this first law, you'll never have success in any endeavor because people will not trust you. What type of business are you in?” Randy asked.

“I'm an aviation sales rep. I sell parts and engines for airplanes,” Matt replied.

Randy shook his head. “Wrong. You're not in that business.” Matt looked at the half‐eaten pizza. He felt like he had just failed a test. “I'll ask you again,” said Randy. “What business are you in?”

Matt tried to frame his next ...

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