Chapter 15. Influence in Sales and Marketing Online and in the Real World

What's one of the most important things to know before giving a persuasive selling presentation?

Understanding what motivates people to buy and then pushing all the right buttons. Simple.

Before I launch into creating and presenting your own offer, whether in person, on the web, or in media, we need to do some research to make sure your offer is accepted.

Core Reasons People Buy or Say Yes to Anything

What if I told you that I am going to outline the things that motivate people to make purchases, and I'm going to show YOU how to have control over each of these core factors, AND I am going to give you the training you need to master these motivators to practically cause people to buy from YOU.

Interested? Ready?

What motivates people to buy? These are the major reasons people buy. There are seven.

The Influence of Emotion

One of the reasons people make purchases is because of emotion. Emotions like:

  • FEAR:

    • Fear of gaining weight.

    • Fear of missing an opportunity.

    • Fear of unemployment.

    • Fear of death.

    • Fear of a future price increase.

    • Fear of what others think about them.

    • Fear of the unknown.

    • Fear of growing old.

    • Fear of being alone.

    • Fear of being cheated.

There are hundreds of different phobias that drive people to make purchases.

People buy life insurance because they fear dying prematurely and leaving their family financially strapped.

We buy exercise equipment because we fear gaining weight or getting out of shape.

We buy alarm systems ...

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