action words

adjectives, using

adverbs, using

advice and answer keywords


age content

Facebook profile activity based on
in forms, effect on conversion rates

Amazon Kindle

capabilities of vs. other devices
for e-book information
as e-reader market leader
other e-book formats vs.

ampersand symbols, in e-mail


decision making and use of
metrics for
paid vs. free software systems for
ROI measurement and
scientific method for

Android devices

audience, importance of knowing


B2B vs. B2C marketing


blogs and blogging

as center of social media marketing
comments and timing
comments-to-links correlation
comments-to-views correlation
content quality vs. timing and success
inbound links and timing
multimedia content and links to
purchasing decisions, affected by
user behavior and reading habits
views and timing
on webinars
words in, least and most viewed
words in, most commented

breaking news, as keywords

Buffer app

bulk e-mail

business-related content

gender and e-book reading habits
reading habits on e-books for

buying information. See purchasing behavior


calls to action (CTAs). See social calls to action

chunked content

click-through rates (CTRs)

on Twitter, measuring retweets vs. clicks
See also e-mail marketing

comment, as keyword

content, producing

quality content, importance of
See also e-books; webinars; writing

contests. See incentives and deal offers

contra-competitive timing

controversial content

convenience, e-books and ...

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