Acceptance tests, in TDD, 125126

Acceptance window, contractual agreement, 354

Accountability, team consultants, 4546

“Adventures in Promiscuous Pairing...”, 223

Agenda, daily Scrum meeting, 205206

Agile Estimation and Planning, 62

Agile Project Management with Scrum, 21, 88

Agile Retrospectives, 193, 196, 197

Agile teams, successful outsourcing, 324

Allocating work, successful outsourcing, 325

Applied Imagination, 92

The Art of Agile Development, 125

Articles. See Books and publications.

Artifacts. See Scrum, artifacts; specific artifacts.

Automated integration, in TDD, 125126

Automating documentation, 315


Backlog. See Product backlog.

Beginner’s mind, 222223, 227

Belshee, Arlo, 222

The Big Wall technique, 334

Blind estimation ...

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