The Second Bush Presidency

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The Second Bush Presidency: Global Perspectives contains nine national perspectives on what a second Bush term portends for the world. Taken on one yardstick, five of the countries chosen (including the US) are members of the Security Council; using another, four are members of the BRIC quartet, emerging economies whose potential is such that they are expected to dominate the world economy in the years to come. All these countries have a difficult job of fashioning their foreign policy responses to the US while keeping in view their own national objectives as well as a host of other factors. The contributors to this book analyse not only the tangible factors but also the various intangibles--the personal equations the leaders of these countries have with their American counterpart as well as domestic equations within the United States to make up a whole that is at once interesting and enlightening. This book attempts to be a modest primer for policy makers in this direction: a must-read for policy makers in every part of the globe.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. By the Same Author
  5. List of Contributors
  6. Preface
  7. Part 1 - Asia
    1. 1. An Exciting Second Innings?
      1. Background
      2. The Indian Model of International Relations
      3. India: Third Tier Nuclear State?
      4. India’s Peaceful Rise
      5. What India Expects from the Bush Administration
      6. India’s Conventional Capability
      7. The Kashmir Issue
      8. The China Factor
      9. Allies or Complementary Interests
    2. 2. Duet With The Dragon
      1. China in the 2004 Campaign
      2. China’s Dual Status in US National Security Strategy
      3. China’s Status in the Global Power Structure
      4. China’s Place in the Asia–Pacific Power Structure
      5. Three Hotspots Challenging Future Sino–US Relations
      6. Sino–US Relations and Partnership
  8. Part 2 - Europe
    1. 3. Towards Real World Leadership
      1. Policy Towards Russia
      2. Second Term Global Strategy
    2. 4. A Special Relationship
      1. Whither the Special Relationship: Bush and Blair?
      2. Britain, the US, and Values
      3. Britain, the US, and Security
      4. Britain, the US, and Economics
      5. Conclusion
    3. 5. Old Enmities Or New Beginnings?
      1. George W Bush’s First Mandate: Chaotic Relation
      2. The Bases of the Traditional Alliance between France and America
      3. Specific Difficulties in French–American Relations
      4. The Re-election of George W Bush
      5. Hopes for Diplomatic Improvements
      6. France, Europe and the United States
    4. 6. Faith In Foreign Policy
      1. Religion Matters
      2. The Religious Factor in American Society
      3. Organisations of the Religious Right
      4. Permanent Campaign
      5. Issues and Networks of the Religious Right
      6. Domestic Economic Platform
      7. Foreign Policy Agenda
      8. The War in Iraq
      9. ‘Common Destiny Shared by Jews and Christians’
      10. The International Fight against AIDS/HIV
      11. Abortion and Development Aid
      12. Impact on the Transatlantic Relationship
      13. Limited Room for Diplomatic Manoeuvre
      14. Divergences in Transatlantic Relations
      15. Conclusion
  9. Part 3 - The Americas
    1. 7. What Next?
      1. The Myth of the Neo-conservative Takeover
      2. The 2004 Election and the Mandate
      3. What Next in a Bush Second Term Presidency?
    2. 8. Adjusting America
      1. The Domestic Policy Divergence
      2. The Continental Competition
      3. The Convergent Global Challenge
      4. Conclusion: Canada’s Strategic Response
    3. 9. Dubya And Lula
      1. Presidential Diplomacy
      2. The State Department—‘A Key Relationship’
      3. Main Interests and Positions of Brazilian Foreign Policy
      4. The Global Security Arena
      5. Human Rights and the Environment
      6. Democracy
      7. Global Economic Architecture
      8. Conclusion: Potential Construction Agenda
    4. Summing Up
      1. The Dilemma for the Traditional Allies—How to Stay Relevant
      2. The Emerging Powers—Jockeying for Position
  10. Notes
  11. Copyright

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  • Title: The Second Bush Presidency
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2006
  • Publisher(s): Pearson India
  • ISBN: 9788131796962