Part II

Thirty recipes for success

In this part, I provide what are indeed the ‘recipes’ for our success. These are what we run the business by, and we use them to remind us what we should be doing when making business decisions, both day to day and long term.

I’ve reiterated the key points for each recipe with a list of important ingredients. In some of the recipes, I’ve also included super supplements for you to try yourself to really give your journey a boost.

Chapter 5

Executive juices

The recipes in this chapter are all about you — building such aspects as your integrity and confidence, and finding your motivation and passion. So start squeezing — and really get your juices flowing.


A lot of people talk about ‘integrity’ — do you know what it really means?

These days, people talk a lot about ‘integrity’ and ‘values’. They’ve become buzz words, used to impress. It’s true that if your company is known as being one of integrity, you will attract and keep like-minded people — honest, reliable, moral people. Yet ideals often seem to disappear if the bottom line is affected. The words ‘integrity’ and ‘values’ mean nothing if they’re not backed up with solid hard work and the right decisions.

So, what is integrity? To me, integrity means always telling the truth and acting in a way that is right for the business, no matter how hard that may be and no matter what the cost. You can’t please everyone all the time. There may be some people who believe you haven’t acted with ...

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