Chapter 16

A New Opportunity

imageAs Josh drove along the highway listening to “Don’t Stop Believing,” by Journey, he wasn’t sure where he was headed next. It was a strange feeling to drive without a destination in mind, but lately he had come to embrace the adventure of uncertainty. He was visiting old places and rediscovering new things about himself. It was uncomfortable not knowing what tomorrow would bring, and yet he felt a surprising sense of peace that he was on the right path. He believed if he waited for a sign and expected one, it would come. And as he was walking out of the bathroom at a gas station, a sign did come—in the form of a call on his cell phone, a call that would give him a new direction on his journey.

It was a headhunter he had met at an industry conference in Las Vegas six months earlier. She had asked him for his card and told him she helped companies find and hire talented people like him. He gave her his card, never expecting to get a call, and yet here she was, of all times, telling him she had an opportunity for him. They spoke for about 10 minutes, and when the call ended, Josh told Dharma what she had said.

“Can you believe it, girl? She told me I was a rising star in the profession and a lot of companies know about me. She said she has a company that wants to meet with me tomorrow. They are located in a different city, and I’d have to fly there, but ...

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