Chapter 27


imageOne definition for overcome is “to be helpless.” A second definition is “to triumph.” When Josh walked into the CEO’s office, he felt helpless. When he walked out, he felt triumphant. His passion and conviction were so powerful that the CEO gave his campaign six more months to prove itself. He agreed with Josh that his campaign needed some time to permeate the organization.

In the months that followed, Josh learned firsthand what it took to drive change through an organization. It wasn’t just about sharing great ideas. It was about developing relationships with people who would serve as a network for spreading ideas. He should have known, because he grew up in a family that believed everything in life was about relationships, but, as is always the case, experience is the best teacher.

He also developed a love for affecting change in others and saw that by changing people’s beliefs and behaviors you could change their lives and careers. Most important, the struggles he faced in trying to make the campaign a success helped him hone his skills as a communicator.

His challenges lead to growth; his delays led to strength; and his belief in the power of communication became another driving force in his life. As the farmer had told him, his purpose was coming into focus. He couldn’t articulate it in a sentence, but for the first time in his life Josh had a good idea ...

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