Aaron (regional executive), 32

Adam (Laurel Gardens administrator), 120–122, 126

administrator turnover rates, 136–137

aging population

awakening to depth and worth of our, 169–170

discomfort of interacting with, 37

negative stereotypes of nursing homes for, 35, 36–38

See also residents

Alice’s story, 65–69

Alzheimer’s facility story, 104–106

“Amazing Grace” (hymn), 151

aphasia, 66

Arbinger Institute

on dynamics of seeing people as objects, 113

HG philosophy rooted in academic philosophy of, 15–19

HG process of integrating philosophy of, 78–79, 83

on inward mindset versus outward mindset, 19

Leadership and Self-Deception by, 16

unique leadership philosophy of, 1–2

Arches National Park, 2, 3

attentive CNA story, 104–106, 107, 118

attribution ...

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