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The Silver Lining of Project Uncertainties

Book Description

The Silver Lining of Project Uncertainties provides readers with a critical foundation for how to differentiate the management of project risks and uncertainties, how to differentiate project success from project value and how to clearly identify the key elements of project risk, uncertainty and value opportunity.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. List of Tables and Figures
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
    1. Differentiating the Management of Project Risks and Project Uncertainties
    2. Research Objectives and Contributions
  8. Conceptual Foundation for the Case Study Approach
    1. Differentiating Project Success from Project Value
    2. Project Risk Definition
    3. Project Uncertainty Definition
    4. Project Value Opportunity Definition
    5. Conceptual Differences Between Project Risk and Uncertainty Management
  9. Research Methodology
    1. Data Collection and Sample Description
    2. Data Analysis Method
  10. Case Study Results
    1. The Nature and Sources of Project Uncertainties
      1. Stakeholders as a Source of Project Uncertainties
      2. Organizational Dynamics as a Source of Project Uncertainties
      3. Technology as a Source of Project Uncertainties
      4. Contextual Turbulence as a Source of Project Uncertainties
      5. Project Task Characteristics as a Source of Project Uncertainties
      6. Malmanagement as a Source of Project Uncertainties
    2. The Nature of Exploited Project Value Opportunities
      1. Project and Organizational Business Opportunity
      2. Implementation Process Opportunity
      3. Future Business Opportunity
      4. Technical Invention Opportunity
    3. The Discovery and Exploitation of Opportunities
    4. The Nature of Stakeholders Discovering Value Opportunities
    5. Value Effects of Opportunities
    6. Misperceptions
      1. Misperceptions of Project Complexity
      2. Misperceptions of Project Uncertainties
      3. Misperceptions of Opportunities
      4. Relationships Between Misperceived Uncertainties and Opportunities
  11. Implications for Project Management Research
    1. Relationship Between Project Complexity and Project Uncertainty
    2. Relationship Between Project Uncertainty and Project Opportunity
    3. Conceptual Differences Between Uncertainty and Risk Management
    4. Foundations for an Alternative Project Management Paradigm
  12. Implications for Project Management Education
    1. Introducing the Discovery and Exploitation of Opportunity to Project Management Education
    2. Augmenting Process Knowledge with Business Knowledge
    3. Integrating Academic Business Disciplines into Project Management
  13. Implications for Project Management Practice
    1. Identifying Potential Sources of Uncertainties
    2. Identifying Potential Project Value Opportunities
    3. Managing Project Uncertainty
      1. Flexible Management Expertise to Quickly Assess Situations and Identify Opportunities
      2. Ability to Analyze the Impact of the Change
      3. Ability to Communicate the Potential Value of the Opportunity
      4. New Role of Senior Management
  14. Limitations and Outlook
  15. References
  16. Appendix
    1. Initial Interview Protocol
    2. Case List Summary