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The Six Laws of Approachability: How to Break Down Barriers and Get People to Like You

Book Description

Would you like to get people to instantly like you and be drawn to you, without them even knowing why? Now you can! Bestselling author Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, describes her Six Laws of Approachability:

  1. Present yourself powerfully and project a million-dollar image.

  2. Learn correct rules of etiquette for hand shaking, introductions, and business dress.

  3. Toot your own horn and quickly communicate your value to others.

  4. Model enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

  5. Show the "window to your soul" through your face.

  6. Avoiding using the five vocal turnoffs when you speak.

Increase your perceived value to your customers through these powerful self-presentation and self-promotion secrets! You'll find out how to create instant rapport and connection to others.