The Sketchnote Handbook: the illustrated guide to visual note taking

Book description

This gorgeous, fully illustrated handbook tells the story of sketchnotes--why and how you can use them to capture your thinking visually, remember key information more clearly, and share what you've captured with others. Author Mike Rohde shows you how to incorporate sketchnoting techniques into your note-taking process--regardless of your artistic abilities--to help you better process the information that you are hearing and seeing through drawing, and to actually have fun taking notes.

The Sketchnote Handbook explains and illustrates practical sketchnote techniques for taking visual notes at your own pace as well as in real time during meetings and events. Rohde also addresses most people's fear of drawing by showing, step-by-step, how to quickly draw people, faces, type, and simple objects for effective and fast sketchnoting. The book looks like a peek into the author's private sketchnote journal, but it functions like a beginner's guide to sketchnoting with easy-to-follow instructions for drawing out your notes that will leave you itching to attend a meeting just so you can draw about it.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Praise for the Sketchnote Handbook
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the Author
  7. Contents
  8. Introduction
    1. Who Is This Book For?
    2. What Is The Sketchnote Handbook?
    3. The Sketchnote Community
    4. Reach Out
  9. Chapter 1. What are Sketchnotes?
    1. Sketchnotes Were Born of Frustration!
    2. How Are Sketchnotes Created?
    3. Can I Create Sketchnotes?
    4. Ideas, Not Art!
    5. One Step at a Time
  10. Chapter 2. Why Sketchnote?
    1. Sketchnoting Engages Your Whole Mind
    2. Sketchnoting Creates a Visual Map
    3. Sketchnoting Help Your Concentration
    4. Sketchnoting Taps Your Visual Language
    5. Sketchnoting Is Relaxing
    6. Creating Sketchnotes Is Dynamic and Fun!
  11. Chapter 3. Listen Up!
    1. The Key to Listening
    2. My Listening Approach
    3. Practice Your Listening Skills
  12. Chapter 4. The Sketchnoting Process
    1. Research
    2. Gather Materials
    3. Arrive Early
    4. Create a Title
    5. Sketchnote
    6. Photograph
    7. Scan, Tune & Post
    8. Anatomy of a Sketchnote
    9. A Sketchnote from Start to Finish
  13. Chapter 5. Types of Sketchnotes
    1. Style Plus Thinking
    2. Structure, Then Style!
    3. The Art & Structure Scale
    4. Sketchnoting Patterns
    5. Patterns Are Starting Points
  14. Chapter 6. Sketchnoting Approaches, Hierarchy, and Personalization
    1. Real-time Stketchnoting
    2. Two-stage Sketchnoting
    3. Creating a Hierarchy
    4. Personalization
  15. Chapter 7. Sketchnoting Skills & Techniques
    1. Skills & Techniques
    2. The 5 Basic Elements Exercise
    3. 5 Basic Elements Exercise
    4. Drawing People
    5. Drawing People Exercise
    6. Drawing Faces
    7. Drawing Faces Exercise
    8. Drawing Type
    9. Drawing Type Exercise
    10. Penmanship
    11. Drawing Visual Elements
    12. Build a Visual Library
    13. Visual Library Exercise
    14. Drawing Metaphors
    15. Tools for Sketchnoting
    16. Sharing Sketchnotes
  16. Index
  17. Ad Page

Product information

  • Title: The Sketchnote Handbook: the illustrated guide to visual note taking
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: None