The Smarter Startup: A Better Approach to Online Business for Entrepreneurs

Book description

Why do some startups succeed while other do not?

In a maturing online market, the cost of product development has fallen as quickly as competition has risen, and building a viable product is no longer enough.  In this new reality, entrepreneurs must take a smarter, more strategic approach. In this book we'll discuss:

  • Why some entrepreneurs are luckier than others

  • How to anticipate success or failure before you begin

  • Why timing is everything for a startup

  • Strategic positioning to beat the competition

  • Building a business that cannot be commoditized

  • Methods for Improving user engagement and profits

  • This book was written by Neal Cabage and Sonya Zhang, PhD after years of discussing and studying why some startups succeed.  By combining known academic models with personal insights from building and selling two online startups - the authors answer the question of why some startups are more successful than others, in order to help entrepreneurs reduce the risk of starting an online business.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Acknowledgements
    5. Contents at a Glance
    6. Contents
    7. Introduction
    8. Part I. Think
      1. Chapter 1. Why Become an Entrepreneur?
        1. Follow your passion
        2. Will it make you happy?
        3. Why are some people lucky?
        4. Find your balance
      2. Chapter 2. What’s the Big Idea?
        1. Brainstorming
        2. Validate your idea
        3. Evaluate your idea
        4. Make the decision
      3. Chapter 3. Do Your Research
        1. Talk to your prospects
        2. Test marketing
        3. Define your customer
        4. Look at your competition
        5. Survey the battlefield
        6. Pay attention to the 800-pound gorilla
    9. Part II. Know
      1. Chapter 4. Timing Is Everything
        1. Innovation adoption curve
        2. Commoditization of technology
        3. The value of network effects
      2. Chapter 5. Competition and Positioning
        1. Competitive strategy
        2. Positioning strategy
        3. Mind your value chain
      3. Chapter 6. Business Models
        1. Seven business model archetypes
        2. Defining your business model
    10. Part III. Do
      1. Chapter 7. Setting Up Your Business
        1. The hacker and the hustler
        2. Incorporating your startup
        3. The advisor
        4. Partnership agreements
        5. Should you outsource?
        6. Should you seek investment capital?
        7. Startup accelerators
      2. Chapter 8. Developing Your Product
        1. The Lean Method
        2. Choosing a technology platform
        3. Cost expectations
        4. When code should suck
        5. Agile vs. Waterfall
      3. Chapter 9. Going to Market
        1. Internet marketing channels
        2. Marketing funnel stages
        3. Internet marketing models
        4. Choosing a marketing model
      4. Chapter 10. Optimization
        1. Analytics-driven insights
        2. Traffic optimization
        3. Conversion optimization
        4. Customer retention
    11. Index
    12. About the Authors
      1. Neal Cabage
      2. Sonya Zhang, PhD
    13. Ad Page

    Product information

    • Title: The Smarter Startup: A Better Approach to Online Business for Entrepreneurs
    • Author(s): Neal Cabage, Sonya Zhang
    • Release date: February 2013
    • Publisher(s): New Riders
    • ISBN: 9780133372694