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The SME Guide to Latin America

Book Description

When the first edition of Doing Business with Latin America was published, the region was growing and the possibilities were endless. However, the recent global economic slowdown has hit Latin America, too, and so a second edition was needed in order to help British SMEs understand this new context and maximise their opportunities for success in more challenging times. In this fully revised second edition, Gabriela Castro-Fontoura, a native Latin America with wide experience in the UK, shares in a simple and friendly manner, what every UK SME needs to know about doing business with Latin America: the geography and the people of a fascinating continent; the exciting range of opportunities, as well as honestly exposing the barriers and how to handle them. From business etiquette to import barriers, from currency issues to how to organise a market visit, Gabriela explores the wealth of information that is out there, interviewing key business owners and experts, and translating this into a thoroughly researched yet very user-friendly book, with British efficiency and Latin American charm! The second edition addresses questions such as: How has Latin America changed in the last three years? How do you deal with a less buoyant region? Where are the opportunities now? Why is Latin America still a region worth considering in your export strategy? How do you go about doing business in this region today? A world of possibilities opens up for UK SMEs that know where to look. This book aims to be their first window into Latin America.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. About the author
  3. Who this book is for
  4. Why a second edition
  5. With thanks
  6. Introduction
  7. Latin America: one market?
    1. What is Latin America?
    2. History
    3. Religion
    4. Inequality
    5. Immigration
    6. Britain, the US, the rest of the world: what Latin America means to them
    7. Regional trading blocs
    8. Why you should (still) be looking at Latin America
  8. Opportunities and success stories
    1. Sectors
    2. E-commerce
    3. Thinking laterally
  9. The main obstacles and how to overcome them
    1. “I don’t know anything about these markets”
    2. “I don’t know who can help me”
    3. “I don’t even know where to start!”
    4. “We don’t speak the language and I’m not sure we understand the culture”
    5. “Not sure I have the time or the resources”
    6. “I’ve heard that Latin American bureaucracy is almost impossible to tackle”
    7. “Latin American countries seem just so far away...”
    8. “20 different currencies?! How do I manage that?”
    9. “I’m worried I just won’t get paid”
    10. “I get put off by corruption within Latin America”
    11. “I am worried about the legal pitfalls and intellectual property”
    12. “I’ve heard that Latin American customs are a complete nightmare”
    13. “We’ve heard that some countries in Latin America have huge import duties”
    14. Shipping and logistics
  10. From Latin America to the UK
  11. Strategy
  12. Market entry channels
    1. E-commerce
    2. Direct sales
    3. Distributors
    4. Agent
    5. Sales rep
    6. Office/store
    7. Free trade zones
    8. Franchising
    9. Licensing
    10. Other
  13. Latin Americans as business partners
  14. Latin Americans as consumers
  15. Planning a visit
    1. Getting there, getting around
    2. Safety
    3. Dress code
    4. Business meetings and etiquette
    5. Trade and consumer shows
  16. Success! What next?
  17. Inside knowledge