When you want to get a quick response to an FYI email

Here are five questions. You have two seconds to answer each:


How did you get on?

The answers are:

  • In
  • Water
  • The same
  • None
  • It hasn’t

Did you get them all? Or did you say:

  • Out
  • Milk
  • Metal
  • 24m2
  • “Really? I never knew that.”

The Problem With Speed

We make such quick decisions sometimes that we sacrifice accuracy for speed. And while we don’t have to get everything 100% right, things do need to be “right enough”.

When you spend the “right enough” amount of time preparing communications, you get things “right enough” first time. This saves lots of follow-up, grief and hassle.

It sounds so obvious. But, here’s another ...

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