CHAPTER 12 Google Plus: your social rolodex

As in real life, so online. You used to link up with colleagues and family, get involved in groups with shared interests and meet up to connect. You can do all those things on Google Plus, plus . . . you can share posts, chat, hangout in video, jump in on hangouts that experts you don’t know are having across the world (permission interrupting), set up events, and go local by connecting with people and businesses around you. Google Plus is a social rolodex, only it also creates the social layer it categorises.

What would you call a place where people you knew were neatly categorised into circles that allowed you to share information with them either discretely or simultaneously through a broad public broadcast? Where you could hang out with an individual or group at a moment’s notice or by clicking on a button from your Google calendar? Where could you drop into a videocast just because of its title, hear experts sharing, or create a place for like-minded communities to share information and talk.

It’s hard to think of a real-life equivalent, but that’s Google Plus. Social rolodex meets augmented reality, except it’s real.

The backstory

Google Plus was added to Google in 2011 to compete with Facebook, which has over a billion users. ...

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