Chapter 11. Got Audio? (Audio Sharing)

What's in It for You?

Today, more than 30 million people subscribe to podcasts, and that number is growing exponentially. Podcasts are essentially a vehicle for the many other types of media that individuals and businesses can use in the realm of social networking. You can add music, digital photos, animated company logos, colorful videos —anything that it takes to get your message across.

Audio is by far the easiest of all rich media to create and share. All of the tools that you need are in your computer already, and those that aren't are available for free from the Internet. You probably already have a built-in microphone and the recording software (see Chapter 10, Talking about the Podcast (Audio Create)) in your PC. While audio isn't as appealing as video, it is a lot easier to record, edit, and share, so the trade-off between convenience and high-tech appearance is well worth it. Also, audio files make for a quicker download than video, and listeners can safely tune in to your content while driving or working out.

No one is an expert on everything, and when it comes to social media, it's hard to be an expert at all because the industry is simply changing faster than most people can keep up with. There are, however, a great number of people ahead of the pack, and hearing their insights is important. That's why this book and the associated web site present the collected wisdom of nearly 50 founders, CEOs, authors, and experts in the social ...

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