Chapter 29. Livecasting

Linecasting isn't for everyone, but those who livest are passionate about it. My friend Jody Giant live casted her life for nine full months, 24/7. Chris Pepillo has been uStream'n his livest of himself for years. Both have built a tremendous following and skyrocketed their music and careers.

Linecasting is broadcasting video live. It could be 24 hours a day or just for a simple one hour of television. Linecasting is the ultimate reality television and it's available for free to everyone. So if you've always dreamed of creating and starring in your own television show, the companies in this chapter will help you realize your dream.

This chapter highlights those companies that provide technology and services to assist you in your very own livest:

  • BlogTalkRadio

  • Live 365


  • SHOUTcast

  • TalkShoe

As you read each profile, keep in mind that its features and functions may or may not be right for your particular business. Use the Tool Scorecard at the end of the chapter to help you determine which of these tools qualify for further consideration when you begin creating your social media strategy in Part III of the book.


Company Name:




New York, New York





Revenue Model:

Advertising and a white-branded product


Free to $99 per month for premium host packages


The best shows from around the Web on any subject

What Is It?

BlogTalkRadio (BTR) is a social network application that allows people ...

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