Determine Your Measurement Tools

There are a ton of different tools for every category of social media distribution and communications channels. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough space to go through all of them with their features and benefits in this book. You will have to accept their research as a homework assignment. I will discuss some of the more popular and feature-rich tools and their advantages, but do your homework. I will be calling you shortly to grade you.

Web, Blog Page, and Tweet Measurement—Check the Pages

The easiest and freest way to monitor every web page and every blog page in the world is through Google Analytics. If you aren’t using Google Analytics, you need to. Go to Google and google Google Analytics. You need to have a Gmail e-mail account, and you should have one anyway; it’s free.

Once you have access to all things Google, select Google Analytics and set some up. You create a new Google search term by typing “whatever you want Google to notify you about.” I have Google notify me of every occurrence of “Lon Safko,” “Social Media Bible,” my other companies and products, my partners’ names, and more.

This way, any time there is the use of that exact text on any web page, any blog page, anywhere in the world, I get a notice with a clickable link that allows me to view that page. Think about that for a minute. Any time anyone mentions me anywhere in the world, I get a notice and a link within 30 minutes of it happening.

Being the first to know about ...

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