Chapter 11


How to handle your VIIPs, QIIPs and LIIPs

Max Tatton-Brown

In Short

  • How to prioritize, manage and take control of your brand advocates online.
  • Insight into how a little B2B perspective can now benefit any strategy.
  • A consideration of the rising cost for consumers to “Like” one more brand.


In this chapter, Max Tatton-Brown, Account Manager at top ten UK tech PR agency, EML Wildfire ( clarifies the shifting tectonics of the advocate opportunity – looking at how you can harness an increasingly powerful public and confront what comes next when the old tricks of social media wear off.

The chapter is designed to give your neurons a good crack round the chops, no matter what your level of experience, and get you thinking about aspects of creating advocates that you haven’t yet considered.

The “Bad” News

It’s commonly suggested that because of social channels, brands are more vulnerable today than they have ever been. For better or worse, the days of influencers wearing a hat with “PRESS” tucked into the rim and filing stories every 24 hours are a distant memory.

The verbal assassination of your brand is now a constant, inevitable and very public reality. For many, this has been a painful slap in the face – others have taken it as a wake-up call.

Either way, we now live in a world where one man sticks a YouTube video up because your airline smashed his guitar and the reputational damage echoes across the world. The ...

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