Chapter 13


Jan Gooding, Global Marketing Director

The Author

Jan Gooding is the Global Marketing Director at insurance group Aviva. She has spent over 25 years in the marketing and advertising industry, including holding senior positions at BT and British Gas, and setting up her own consultancy.


The Company

Aviva is the world’s sixth largest insurance group and the biggest in the UK, operating in 28 countries with 45,000 employees serving 53.4 million customers.

Aviva offers a range of financial services – from life and general insurance to pensions and asset management – and announced an IFRS operating profit of £2.55 billion for the 12 months ending 31 December 2010.

Aviva has committed to deliver one distinctive experience for our customers, wherever we are in the world – to make each customer feel that “no one recognizes me like Aviva”.

Our Social Media Strategy

The financial services industry has typically been slow to embrace social media, and until recently, Aviva was no exception. However, in 2010 the business recognized that social media presented the opportunity to build relationships and deep interactions with its customers and stakeholders. As a global brand, Aviva has taken a big step forward by creating and maintaining an ongoing presence on a number of social media platforms.

Our intention was to create interactive and engaging opportunities for consumers to ...

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