The Software Architect Elevator

Video description

As the digital economy changes the rules of the game for enterprises, the role of software and IT architects is also transforming. Rather than focus on technical decisions alone, architects and senior technologists need to combine organizational and technical knowledge to effect change in their company’s structure and processes. To accomplish that, they need to connect the IT engine room to the penthouse, where the business strategy is defined.

In this guide, author Gregor Hohpe shares real-world advice and hard-learned lessons from actual IT transformations. His anecdotes help architects, senior developers, and other IT professionals prepare for a more complex but rewarding role in the enterprise.

This book is ideal for:

  • Software architects and senior developers looking to shape the company’s technology direction or assist in an organizational transformation
  • Enterprise architects and senior technologists searching for practical advice on how to navigate technical and organizational topics
  • CTOs and senior technical architects who are devising an IT strategy that impacts the way the organization works
  • IT managers who want to learn what’s worked and what hasn’t in large-scale transformation

Table of contents

  1. Opening Credits
  2. Foreword by Simon Brown
  3. Foreword by David Knott
  4. About This Audio Book
  5. Part I: Architects
  6. Chapter 1: The Architect Elevator
  7. Chapter 2: Movie-Star Architects
  8. Chapter 3: Architects Live in the First Derivative
  9. Chapter 4: Enterprise Architect or Architect in the Enterprise?
  10. Chapter 5: An Architect Stands on Three Legs
  11. Chapter 6: Making Decisions
  12. Chapter 7: Question Everything
  13. Part II: Architecture
  14. Chapter 8: Is This Architecture?
  15. Chapter 9: Architecture Is Selling Options
  16. Chapter 10: Every System Is Perfect…
  17. Chapter 11: Code Fear Not!
  18. Chapter 12: If You Never Kill Anything, You Will Live Among Zombies
  19. Chapter 13: Never Send a Human to Do a Machine’s Job
  20. Chapter 14: If Software Eats the World, Better Use Version Control!
  21. Chapter 15: A4 Paper Doesn’t Stifle Creativity
  22. Chapter 16: The IT World Is Flat
  23. Chapter 17: Your Coffee Shop Doesn’t Use Two-Phase Commit
  24. Part III: Communication
  25. Chapter 18: Explaining Stuff
  26. Chapter 19: Show the Kids the Pirate Ship!
  27. Chapter 20: Writing for Busy People
  28. Chapter 21: Emphasis Over Completeness
  29. Chapter 22: Diagram-Driven Design
  30. Chapter 23: Drawing the Line
  31. Chapter 24: Sketching Bank Robbers
  32. Chapter 25: Software Is Collaboration
  33. Part IV: Organizations
  34. Chapter 26: Reverse-Engineering Organizations
  35. Chapter 27: Control Is an Illusion
  36. Chapter 28: They Don’t Build ’Em Quite Like That Anymore
  37. Chapter 29: Black Markets Are Not Efficient
  38. Chapter 30: Scaling an Organization
  39. Chapter 31: Slow Chaos Is Not Order
  40. Chapter 32: Governance Through Inception
  41. Part V: Transformation
  42. Chapter 33: No Pain, No Change!
  43. Chapter 34: Leading Change
  44. Chapter 35: Economies of Speed
  45. Chapter 36: The Infinite Loop
  46. Chapter 37: You Can’t Fake IT
  47. Chapter 38: Money Can’t Buy Love
  48. Chapter 39: Who Likes Standing in Line?
  49. Chapter 40: Thinking in Four Dimensions
  50. Part VI. Epilogue: Architecting IT Transformation
  51. Chapter 41: All I Have to Offer Is the Truth
  52. Closing Credits

Product information

  • Title: The Software Architect Elevator
  • Author(s): Gregor Hohpe
  • Release date: May 2020
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 0636920399537