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The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation

Book Description

Former Senior Vice President of Apple Computer and close colleague of Steve Jobs throughout his tenure, Jay Elliot takes readers on a tour through Jobs's astonishing career. From the inception of game-changing products like the Apple II and the Macintosh, to his stunning fall from grace, and his rebirth at the helm of Apple as he developed the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, The Steve Jobs Way presents Jobs's leadership challenges and triumphs, showing readers how to apply these principles to their lives and careers.

Written with William L. Simon, coauthor of the Jobs biography iCon, The Steve Jobs Way is the "how to be like Steve" book that readers have been waiting for.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Author’s Note
  4. Prologue
    1. 1 - Passion for the Product
    2. 2 - Success Is in the Details
      1. Anticipating the User Experience
      2. Simplicity
      3. Hand Out
      4. The Ultimate User: The Customer as Me, Me as the Customer
      5. Getting It Right
      6. Calling on Talents and Interests We Never Thought We’d Use
      7. Details, Details
      8. Learning from Mistakes
      9. Small Change, Big Result
    1. 3 - Teaming “Pirates! Not the Navy”
      1. Forming a Team Culture
      2. Elements of Team Building
      3. The Virtue of Small, Product-Focused Teams
      4. The Art of Bonding: Advancing with Retreats
      5. The Leader as Pirate-in-Chief
      6. Learning to Acknowledge a Bad Decision and Move Ahead
      7. The All-Around Manager
      8. The Space Sets the Stage for the People
      9. Corporate Culture, Old Style
      10. If You Became Very Rich, Would You Still Manage the Same Way?
      11. On Being a Pirate
    2. 4 - Tapping Talent
      1. Seeking People Who Are Excited About the Project
      2. High IQs Only, Please
      3. A Different Kind of Hiring
      4. Using Your Products as a Casting Call for Talent
      5. Talent Finds Talent
      6. Hiring “A” Players
      7. Courting Talent
      8. Choosing People Who Are Both Pirates and Team Players
      9. Acquiring Steve’s Ways
    3. 5 - Rewards for the Pirates
      1. Inspiring by Being Personally Involved
      2. Encouraging the “Artist” in Everyone
      3. Letting People Know
      4. Practicing Hands-On Motivation
      5. A Steve Leadership Tactic: Very Frequent Review Sessions
      6. Are Your Employees Using Your Products?
      7. The Grandest Reward
    1. 6 - The Product-Driven Organization
      1. The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
      2. Leadership Search
      3. The Go-to-Market Maze
      4. Noticing Signs of a Conflict
      5. Leadership Frictions
      6. Being the Public Face of Your Product
      7. When Disagreements Escalate to Blowups
      8. New Ideas Can Sooth Frictions or Ignite Them
      9. Taking a Stand in a Time of Stormy Weather
    2. 7 - Maintaining Momentum
      1. Remaking a Company . . . the Wrong Way
      2. Recovering from Disaster
      3. Staying in the Game
      4. Creating Products That Reflect the Principles of the Creator
      5. Accepting Unlikely Challenges
      6. Maintaining Momentum in the Face of Failures
      7. Finding an Entrepreneurial Style
    3. 8 - Recovery
      1. Recognizing Opportunities
      2. Passion Isn’t Optional: A Lesson in Salesmanship
      3. The CEO and the Board of Directors
    4. 9 - Holistic Product Development
      1. Embracing the New
      2. Partnering
      3. Cultural Differences
      4. Quality over Quantity
      5. Building the Holistic Company
      6. Some Innovation Lessons
    5. 10 - Evangelizing Innovation
      1. The Whole-Product Theory
      2. Going Out of House
      3. Product Decisions
      4. The Challenge of Timing
      5. Being an Evangelist for Your Product
      6. Persuading and Engaging in Wider Circles
      7. On Becoming Your Own Product Evangelist
    1. 11 - The Door Opener Branding
      1. Steve and the Art of Branding
      2. Poster Boy
      3. More Building Brand
      4. Sticking with What Works
    2. 12 - Riding the Retail Juggernaut
      1. Insight
      2. Jumping into Retail
      3. Applying the Prototypes Model
      4. Launch Time
      5. Designing Retail Spaces for the Customer
      6. Putting the Brand in People
      7. Reinventing the Product Lines
    3. 13 - Achieving the Definition of Cool “There’s an App for That”
      1. Finding an Overriding Theme
      2. Wearing Two Hats
      3. Changing Direction: Expensive but Sometimes Necessary
      4. Overcoming Bad Decisions
      5. To Lead, Rewrite the Rules
      6. When Others Flock in Ways that Help You Make Money
      7. Another Stepping Stone to Fame
      8. Content Is King
    1. 14 - In His Footsteps
      1. Speaking for Steve
  10. A Letter to Steve
  11. Acknowledgements
  12. Notes
  13. Copyright Page