BuSIneSS value of
delIverIng ServIceS
exceptIonally well
You will never partner or build credibility with the business if the IT
organization delivers services to the business that disrupt daily work
Mike Hedges
CIO, Medtronic
Strategic IT Organization
Transformation Phases
4. Leverage Technologies
Strategically to Innovate
3. Implement Initiatives to
Improve Margin
2. Understand the Business, Focus
on User Experience, and Improve
Business Skills of IT Personnel
1. Deliver Commodity
and Business Services
Exceptionally Well
Every transformation starts with a rst step. In the case of transform-
ing into a strategic information technology (IT) organization, the
rst step is to deliver basic services exceptionally well. Included in
this chapter is a step-by-step roadmap, with examples, to help you
improve services to users in the enterprise. Two great examples of
strategic chief information ocers (CIOs) whose IT organization
excel at delivering basic services are included with artifacts to help
you and visualize the process. If you do not get this rst step right,
the strategiC Cio
you will never be able to partner with the business. is rst step is a
basic element for every CIO who strives to become a strategic partner
with C-level executives in their company. Following is a high-level
overview of the chapter objective, key points, and case examples.
Delivering basic services exceptionally is the rst step in building a
trust-based relationship with business executives, especially if you are
a CIO who wants to solve business challenges and achieve outcomes
that drive customer value, increase revenue, and enhance share-
holder wealth. Tony DAllesandro, CIO of Rogers Corporation, is an
1. Explain the importance of delivering basic services
exceptionally well in developing a trust-based relation-
ship with C-suite executives and business management
2. Provide a seven-step framework CIOs utilize to achieve
excellence in delivering basic services (commodity and
business services) to the business (Figure 3.1).
3. Share insights and experiences from two CIOs in imple-
menting processes to achieve superior delivery of basic
services to the business.
1. Delivering basic services exceptionally well is table stakes
for building a trust-based relationship with C-suite
executives and business personnel.
2. Delivering basic services without disruption builds trust
and credibility for the CIO and the IT organization.
3. Assessing, analyzing, and improving the delivery of
basic services is a process.
CSAA Insurance Group
Fox Entertainment Group
University of Pennsylvania

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