How fIve cIoS froM
dIfferent InduStrIeS
leverage tecHnology
StrategIcally to
Innovate value
Kids brains are wired dierently than those of previous generations.
ey live in a world centered on technology.
Dave Finnegan
Chief Information Ocer, Bear—Build-A-Bear
We have created sophisticated business intelligence to nd the golden
nuggets from each of our business, and leverage them across the Penske
Stephen Pickett
Senior Vice President of Information Technology
and CIO of Penske Corporation
We help patients improve drug adherence through a set of services
enabled by technology, which reduces costs and improves health
Gary Wimberly
Senior Vice President and CIO of Express Scripts
We provide insurance companies options to analyze various driving
characteristics (driving location, driving style, safety score on how you
the strategiC Cio
drive, how your brake, speed, angle of your turns, etc.), and develop
rate plans that correlate vehicle and driver characteristics versus zip
code or credit score. Its a new way to rate policies.
Perry Rotella
Group Executive at Supply Chain Risk Analytics and
Senior Vice President and CIO at Verisk Analytics
We leverage technology to make doctors’ and patients’ lives easier.
Harry Lukens
Senior Vice President and CIO of Lehigh Valley Health Network
In the previous two chapters, we learned how Procter & Gamble and
FedEx are leveraging technology strategically to innovate value. ese
two global giants are recognized around the world for their competi-
tive strengths and using technology in innovative ways. Other com-
panies also leverage technology for strategic advantage. is chapter
highlights ve such companies and their CIOs.
Following is a summary of the chapter objective and key messages:
To share experiences by ve CIOs who leverage technology stra-
tegically to innovate value.
1. Understand and anticipate customer needs (Build-
2. Look beyond initial competencies to create new business
model (Express Scripts).
3. Leverage the best from each operating division and
integrate across the entire enterprise (Penske).
4. Create a true unique dierentiator for competitive
advantage by leveraging technology (Verisk).
5. Listen and learn about the needs of the business, build
a strong team, leverage technology strategically (Lehigh
Valley Health Network [LVHN]).
Five Cios From diFFerent industries
Dave Finnegan is Chief Information Ocer at Build-A-Bear
Workshop. He is leading the charge in transforming the physical expe-
rience of building a stued animal into an interactive digital experience.
Perry Rotella, CIO of Verisk, leverages his insurance and risk experi-
ence in improving business services but also leading a new business unit
as part of the company’s growth plan. Gary Wimberly, CIO of Express
Scripts, is creating a new business model where dispensing medications
is secondary to providing subscriber services, leveraged by technology,
which improves drug adherence and reduces health-care costs. Stephen
Pickett, CIO—Penske Corporation, demonstrates that speed and agil-
ity can succeed in a conglomerate composed of dierent businesses that
operate independently but still need leadership in how to leverage tech-
nology strategically. Harry Lukens, CIO of LVHN, leverages technol-
ogy that not only improves health outcomes but also saves lives.
ese ve CIOs represent a cadre of forward thinking innovative
executives who leverage technology strategically to create customer
value, improve margins, and enhance shareholder wealth. eir sto-
ries are interesting and great examples to learn from.
Dave Finnegan, Chief Information and Interactive
Ocer, Build-A-Bear Workshop
Today, companies leverage technology in innovative ways. One of
these companies is Build-A-Bear Workshop. A leader in interactive
1. Chief information and interactive ocer, Build-A-Bear
2. Perry Rotella, group executive of Supply Chain Risk
Analytics and senior vice president and CIO, Verisk
3. Gary Wimberly, senior vice president and CIO, Express
4. Stephen Pickett, senior vice president of Information
Technology and CIO, Penske Corporation
5. Harry Lukens, senior vice president and CIO, Lehigh
Valley Health Network

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