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The Student Leadership Challenge, 3rd Edition

Book Description

Real-world leadership training for real-world students

The Student Leadership Challenge tailors one of the world’s most respected leadership models to students’ unique needs, and provides a proven pathway to success. Based on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, this book merges solid research with personal stories from real-world student leaders to help students develop the critical skills they need to lead both now and after graduation. Useful from high school to graduate school and beyond, these lessons are reinforced by reflective and critical thinking activities to help students internalize important concepts while honestly assessing their own practices. Updated and expanded, this new third edition includes four extra chapters to allow deeper investigation, while broader, deeper, and more vivid examples from real-life students illustrate what student leadership looks like around the world. New discussion delves into the research behind the model, as well as the usefulness of leadership in the transition to post-graduate life.

What does leadership mean to you? Although it may be difficult to put into words, we all know it when we see it. Effective leaders tend to exhibit a specific set of traits, possess certain skills, and practice particular habits. This book helps you hone your natural talents and shape your path to success as the leader you want to become.  

  • Learn The Five Practices of Leadership, and how they help you succeed beyond school
  • Discover how students around the world are exhibiting the best in modern leadership
  • Practice critical leadership techniques and engage in thought-provoking discussion
  • Assess your own potential with the Student Leadership Practices Inventory

Great leadership is more important than ever before, and students are in a prime position to develop these critical skills. The Student Leadership Challenge provides a comprehensive framework with real-world application to help students become their very best.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for the Student Leadership Challenge, Third Edition
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Important Information About the Student Leadership Practices Inventory® Self Online
  6. Preface: Making Extraordinary Things Happen with Others
  7. Introduction: When People Are at Their Best as Leaders
  8. Practice 1: Model the Way
    1. 1: Commitment #1: Clarify Values
      1. Find Your Voice
      2. Affirm Shared Values
      3. Reflect and Act: Clarify Values
    2. 2: Commitment #2: Set the Example
      1. Live the Shared Values
      2. Teach Others to Model the Values
      3. Reflect and Act: Set the Example
  9. Practice 2: Inspire a Shared Vision
    1. 3: Commitment #3: Envision the Future
      1. Imagine the Possibilities
      2. Find a Common Purpose
      3. Reflect and Act: Envision the Future
    2. 4: Commitment #4: Enlist Others
      1. Appeal to Common Ideals
      2. Animate the Vision
      3. Reflect and Act: Enlist Others
  10. Practice 3: Challenge the Process
    1. 5: Commitment #5: Search for Opportunities
      1. Seize the Initiative
      2. Exercise Outsight
      3. Reflect and Act: Search for Opportunities
    2. 6: Commitment #6: Experiment and Take Risks
      1. Generate Small Wins
      2. Learn from Experience
      3. Reflect and Act: Experiment and Take Risks
  11. Practice 4: Enable Others to Act
    1. 7: Commitment #7: Foster Collaboration
      1. Create a Climate of Trust
      2. Facilitate Relationships
      3. Reflect and Act: Foster Collaboration
    2. 8: Commitment #8: Strengthen Others
      1. Enhance Self-Determination
      2. Develop Competence and Confidence
      3. Reflect and Act: Strengthen Others
  12. Practice 5: Enable Others to Act
    1. 9: Commitment #9: Recognize Contributions
      1. Expect the Best
      2. Personalize Recognition
      3. Reflect and Act: Recognize Contributions
    2. 10: Commitment #10: Celebrate the Values and Victories
      1. Create a Spirit of Community
      2. Be Personally Involved
      3. Reflect and Act: Celebrate the Values and Victories
  13. Afterword: A Call to Action for Leaders
  14. Acknowledgments
  15. About the Authors
  16. Index
  17. End User License Agreement