Other titles from iSTE in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management


AMENDOLA Mario, GAFFARD Jean-LucDisorder and Public Concern Around Globalization

BARBAROUX PierreDisruptive Technology and Defence Innovation Ecosystems(Innovation in Engineering and Technology Set – Volume 5)

DOU Henri, JUILLET Alain, CLERC PhilippeStrategic Intelligence for the Future 1: A New Strategic and Operational ApproachStrategic Intelligence for the Future 2: A New Information Function Approach

FRIKHA AzzaMeasurement in Marketing: Operationalization of Latent Constructs

FRIMOUSSE SoufyaneInnovation and Agility in the Digital Age(Human Resources Management Set – Volume 2)

GAY Claudine, SZOSTAK Bérangère L.Innovation and Creativity in SMEs: Challenges, Evolutions and Prospects(Smart Innovation Set – Volume 21)

GORIA Stéphane, HUMBERT Pierre, ROUSSEL BenoîtInformation, Knowledge and Agile Creativity(Smart Innovation Set – Volume 22)

HELLER DavidInvestment Decision-making Using Optional Models(Economic Growth Set – Volume 2)

HELLER David, DE CHADIRAC Sylvain, HALAOUI Lana, JOUVET CamilleThe Emergence of Start-ups(Economic Growth Set – Volume 1)

HÉRAUD Jean-Alain, KERR Fiona, BURGER-HELMCHEN ThierryCreative Management of Complex Systems(Smart Innovation Set – Volume 19)

LATOUCHE PascalOpen Innovation: Corporate Incubator(Innovation and Technology Set – Volume 7)

LEHMANN Paul-JacquesThe Future ...

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