The theme of this book is an in-depth look behind the headlines at what actually happened to organisations that had fallen victim to significant frauds. I’ll be looking at how the frauds eventually came to light, how they pursued the fraudsters and, what the outcomes, good or bad, were for the organisations and individuals involved.

You can read this book as a freestanding work in its own right or see it as the next step on from my first book about fraud, published in 2010. In my first book I concentrated on showing those new to fraud investigation—and those who needed a refresher—how to go about a successful investigation and keep senior management, the lawyers and the police onside and in their rightful places during the investigation. In this book about fraud cases that caused significant damage, I’m looking at what happened in practice to a variety of organisations where fraud struck. I’m not just drawing on my own experiences but also that of others who’ve had to manage high-profile or difficult investigations.

The people who I have contacted have either been involved in pursuing or been the victims of significant frauds. This has included fraud investigators, internal auditors, managers and detectives. Just to add some spice and hear from the other side of the counter, I’ve also been out with my long spoon and ‘supped with the devil’, talking to the fraudsters and their accomplices about how they were able to fool colleagues, ...

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