CHAPTER 7Mastermind Groups

If you are committed to working the Supernova Process the importance of your building deeper, more meaningful relationships with your COIs will become very evident, very quickly. As you fully implement monthly in-person COI meetings these relationships will grow stronger, more meaningful, and more productive. To take this to the next level use your COI introduction pipeline to create a Mastermind Group. This is an opportunity to help you help others in an even deeper, more profound way with the natural byproduct being a stronger and improved practice. Remember it's never about getting referrals, it's always about helping others. There is a distinct difference between a referral and an introduction. A referral is sending one person to another. Impersonal. Uninvolved. Less potential for you to personally create value for others. Building a reputation as a critical connector will create the right brand and is the key to becoming a true multiplier.

What Is a Mastermind Group?

Mastermind Groups have been around for centuries.1 A Mastermind Group helps your peers and you achieve success. Each member of the group agrees to build a business plan, set challenging goals within that plan, and strive to achieve those goals. By sharing your plan and goals you create group accountability and a support team that helps you reach those goals. The group requires commitment, confidentiality, a non-compete agreement, honesty, and a willingness to both give and receive ...

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