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The tools of sharing and how they function as design patterns

Book Description

Your best evangelists are active, engaged users. When they have a great experience using your product, engaging with other people on your site, giving feedback or contributing to a project, give them ways to share their successes and promote you at the same time. Make it as easy as possible to do this in a continuous, ongoing way and you'll be able to turn your happiest users into sales reps.

What you'll learn—and how you can apply it

In this lesson you will learn the primary tools of sharing and how they function as design patterns (when to use them, what problems they solve, what unintended consequences they may have), with plenty of examples from mobile apps and websites. You'll learn how to weave sharing into your primary user experience.


  • Should be looking to create or enhance a product with a social layer.
  • Interested in allowing users to share either publicly or privately (both within your product and in larger, even public, spheres).

Materials or downloads needed

  • None

This Lesson is taken from Designing Social Interfaces, 2nd Edition, by Erin Malone and Christian Crumlish.