Chapter 7. Winners build friendships. Whiners destroy friendships.

Friendships are one of the most valuable and precious things that we can possess in this life. What does it mean to be a friend? It means to look out for the best interests of another human being. Of course, problems in friendships occur when friends have different opinions of what those best interests are.

True friends will do whatever they can to work through their differences. Have you ever had a friend become angry with you because you didn't agree with him? Have you ever gotten angry at a friend because of a misunderstanding? People have different perceptions and opinions and, as a result, we have misunderstandings.

Winners understand this and choose to work through their differences instead of becoming angry about them. A classic example is when a husband and wife are talking and the husband is not hearing what his wife is really saying, or vice versa. Later, one will say to the other, "I asked you to do this," and the other will say, "No, you didn't." Within moments, the situation deteriorates into anger.

We do not always hear what other people are trying to communicate to us. True friends respect each other and listen with their hearts.

Winners are able to build deep and meaningful friendships because they acknowledge that their friends have perceptions and opinions.

A perception is the way you see or understand something. An opinion is a belief you have, based on your past results. If you want to build more friendships, ...

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