I would like to thank my colleague Geoff Chaplin (of Reoch Credit Partners LLP) for his tremendous help and guidance in bringing this book into existence and for writing one chapter of the book. My appreciation also to Robert Reoch (also of Reoch Credit Partners LLP) for writing a chapter and always being available to answer questions.
I would also like to thank the following for giving up their time and sharing their considerable professional knowledge with me:
Desmond Dundon Frank Rodriguez Gerald Gordon James Hart Jerry De Melo Joshua Brady Richard Lumley Tim Gledhill.
Special thanks to my sister Mandy for her diligence in checking the whole book for grammar and readability.
This book would not have been possible without the help of Pete Baker, Aimée Dibbens, Karen Weller, Lori Boulton, Louise Holden and many more at the publishers John Wiley & Sons.
Finally I thank my wife Nechama for her constant love and support, my children for reminding me what is important in life and my father for all his advice and guidance.

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