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The Triple Constraints in Project Management

Book Description

From the novice to the most experienced and senior project manager, triple constraint issues are at the core of the most crucial decisions about a project. The Triple Constraints in Project Management explores the triangle of time, cost, and performance that bounds the universe within which every project must be accomplished – and shows how controlling the hierarchy of constraints can mean the difference between success and failure on virtually any project.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. CHAPTER 1   The Art of Strategic Failure
    1. Failing Your Way to Success
    2. Defining Quality
    3. The Hierarchy of Failure
  4. CHAPTER 2   The Triple Constraints: Time, Cost, and Performance
    1. Ways to Define Triple Constraint Categories
    2. Triplets, Quadruplets, and More
    3. What About Customer Relations?
    4. Why Performance (and Not “Scope” or “Quality”)?
    5. Why Not Separate Resources from Cost?
    6. Understanding Why
  5. CHAPTER 3   The Hierarchy of Constraints
    1. Exploiting the Weak Constraint
    2. Who Determines the Right Hierarchy of Constraints?
    3. Strategies for Identifying the Correct Hierarchy
    4. Can You Have Two Drivers Simultaneously?
    5. Can the Hierarchy of Constraints Change?
  6. CHAPTER 4   Strategies for Managing Time-Driven Projects
    1. How Serious Is the Deadline?
    2. Imprecise but Critical Deadlines
    3. Important Deadlines Have Reasons
    4. Managing Non-Driver Deadlines
    5. Case Studies
    6. Cost As the Weak Constraint
  7. CHAPTER 5   Strategies for Managing Performance-Driven Projects
    1. Features and Benefits
    2. Case Studies
    3. Time As the Weak Constraint
  8. CHAPTER 6   Strategies for Managing Cost-Driven Projects
    1. Case Studies
    2. Strategies for Cutting Project Performance with Minimal Impact
    3. Performance As the Weak Constraint
  9. CHAPTER 7   Conflict Management and Multiple Stakeholders
    1. Sources of Project Management Power
    2. Strategies for Handling Conflicting Triple Constraint Hierarchies
  10. CHAPTER 8   The Power of Three
  11. Bibliography
  12. Index