The Truth About Successful Entrepreneurship (Collection)

Book Description

150 powerful bite-size solutions for winning entrepreneurs! Get started, find profitable customers, build great brands and marketing programs, and more!

Three full books of powerful, quick, actionable solutions for every entrepreneur! Discover how to choose, plan, launch, and grow a winning business… raise capital, build teams, and get the right advice… find and keep highly profitable customers… profit from new customer behavior trends… develop powerful brand meaning… advertise, price, and segment more effectively… and much more!

From world-renowned leaders and experts, includingMichael R. Solomon, Brian D. Till, Donna Heckler, and Bruce Barringer

Product Information

  • Title: The Truth About Successful Entrepreneurship (Collection)
  • Author(s): Bruce Barringer, Donna Heckler, Brian D. Till, Michael D. Solomon
  • Release date: November 2010
  • Publisher(s): PH Professional Business
  • ISBN: 9780132655248