The Truth About Email Marketing

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Praise for The Truth About Email Marketing

“It’s refreshing to see an author address specifics instead of gloss over generalities that can be boiled down to one sentence. Simms’ book debunks the top email marketing myths in a readable and logical fashion.”

Tad Clarke, Editorial Director, MarketingSherpa Inc.

“Anyone interested in maximizing their marketing budgets should stop what they are doing and read this book. Simms' deep experience in email marketing is widely evident in this very insightful and fact-filled book. Great insight into an area of marketing that is often overlooked. Plus, its a fun, easy read...especially for us marketers!”

Jeff Hilimire, President, Engauge Digital

“Simms has a great knack for simplifying the complex world of email. From the novice email marketer to the email aficionado, The Truth about Email Marketing provides insight and thought-provoking content that all of us can use in our email and online marketing efforts.”

Aaron Kahlow, CEO & Founder, Online Marketing Summit

“Simms Jenkins expertly outlines a series of useful Truths to ensure effective and highly optimized, permission-based email marketing programs. Take advantage of Simms' battle scars and set yourself on a direct course that unleashes the power of this important marketing channel.”

Sam Cece, Chief Executive Officer, StrongMail Systems

Everything you must know to utilize email marketing in your corporation or small business!

  • The truth about recession-proofing your business with email marketing

  • The truth about measuring results and improving promotional and newsletter campaigns

  • The truth about email marketing versus spam

  • This book reveals 49 proven email marketing best practices

    and bite-size, easy-to-use techniques that get results

    Email marketing is one of the most incredibly powerful yet misunderstood marketing channels of the business world. While many companies practice email marketing, few get it right. Industry expert, Simms Jenkins, provides a set of best practices to help you assess and refine your strategy and tactics. Your organization can gain much from new and proven approaches to email marketing: strengthen customer relationships, create loyalty, and build trust and awareness. The result is increased responses in sales, leads, registrations, and more.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Contents
    4. Foreword by Mark Brownlow
    5. Introduction
    6. Part I The Truth About Why Email Works
      1. Truth 1 Email is a powerful marketing tool
      2. Truth 2 Permission-based email marketing is not spam
      3. Truth 3 Email marketing is extremely cost-effective, targeted, and measurable
      4. Truth 4 Email is stronger than ever
    7. Part II The Truth About Email Budgeting and ROI
      1. Truth 5 Don't be cheap: email cuts other costs, so invest in it
      2. Truth 6 Using email ROI to guide your budget
      3. Truth 7 Keeping your email program alive when budgets are cut
    8. Part III The Truth About Organizing an Email Department
      1. Truth 8 Deciding to outsource or bring in-house
      2. Truth 9 Finding the right partner
      3. Truth 10 Getting the ball rolling with your email marketing partner
      4. Truth 11 What makes a good email marketing manager
    9. Part IV The Truth About Customer-Focused Email Strategy
      1. Truth 12 How to be relevant
      2. Truth 13 Making your fi rst impression count
    10. Part V The Truth About Creating and Growing a List
      1. Truth 14 It is not easier to ask for forgiveness
      2. Truth 15 How to create an email list
      3. Truth 16 Using lead-generation tactics to build your list
      4. Truth 17 Complement email list growth with search
      5. Truth 18 Keep a clean list
      6. Truth 19 The benefi ts of a robust preference center
      7. Truth 20 Get more from your email list
    11. Part VI The Truth About Best Practices
      1. Truth 21 Length and your call to action
      2. Truth 22 Creating an email newsletter
      3. Truth 23 Establishing the right email frequency
      4. Truth 24 Personalization
      5. Truth 25 Segment lists for more targeted emails
      6. Truth 26 Great Subject lines drive a strong response
      7. Truth 27 Consider the From line
      8. Truth 28 Test, test, test
      9. Truth 29 Maximizing system-generated and automated emails
      10. Truth 30 Use your signature line
      11. Truth 31 Top to bottom advice for better emails
      12. Truth 32 Audit your email program annually
    12. Part VII The Truth About Getting into and Optimizing the Inbox
      1. Truth 33 The basics of deliverability
      2. Truth 34 Understanding rendering
      3. Truth 35 Creating email campaigns for mobile devices
    13. Part VIII The Truth About Measuring Email Performance
      1. Truth 36 Know your email metrics, part 1
      2. Truth 37 Know your email metrics, part 2
      3. Truth 38 Remarketing for results
    14. Part IX The Truth About Privacy and CAN-SPAM
      1. Truth 39 Understanding the CAN-SPAM Act
      2. Truth 40 A closer look at spam
      3. Truth 41 The varying levels of permission
      4. Truth 42 What your privacy policy should cover
    15. Part X The Truth About Automated Email
      1. Truth 43 Create a meaningful welcome message
      2. Truth 44 Creating an unsubscribe process
      3. Truth 45 The right (and wrong) ways to monitor replies to your email campaigns
    16. Part XI The Truth About B2B and International Email Programs
      1. Truth 46 Delivering on business-to-business email campaigns
      2. Truth 47 Best practices for international email efforts
    17. Part XII The Truth About Where Email Is Headed
      1. Truth 48 The impact of social media on email
      2. Truth 49 The future of email marketing
    18. References
    19. Acknowledgments
    20. About the Author
    21. Appendix A Recommended sites, newsletters, and blogs
    22. Appendix B Glossary
    23. Appendix C Useful statistics

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    • Release date: July 2008
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