The Truth About Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising

Book description

Everything you must know to optimize your search ads, increase your profits, and help customers find exactly what they’re searching for

•    The truth about the search tax

•    The truth about competitive and network click fraud

•    The truth about testing and expansion

The Truth About Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising is a valuable resource for Internet marketers at both the tactical and strategic level regardless of company size. While PPC search engine advertising in Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other engines looks easy, competing successfully against competitors in a real-time auction for consumer's attention, clicks and dollars is no simple task. There are two kinds of PPC search marketers at the top of the paid placement results: brilliant marketers and irrational clueless amateurs. This book is designed to make sure that the reader becomes one of the brilliant marketers and learns how outmaneuver the competition. This book arms the reader with proven tactics and strategies that ensure success.

This book provides concrete, easy-to-grasp concepts, strategies, and tactics designed for both the hands-on search marketer as well as the supervisor focused on strategy. However, a basic understanding of some key search marketing and Internet marketing fundamentals will be helpful, though not essential, to the reader. To empower readers of all levels, the book contains a basic glossary of often-used terms (CPC, CPM, MaxBid, SERP) to ensure accessibility to all readers. Conversely, even the most seasoned paid search marketing professional will learn a great deal from this book.

To win in today's SEM PPC auctions and to continue to thrive, marketers need to figure out how to allocate budgets effectively and efficiently. The future of their business may depend on a good understanding of paid search and auction-based keyword-targeted media.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. Part I. The Truth About Why You Need Paid Placement SEM
  5. Truth 1. Paid placement search, supply, demand, and auctions
  6. Truth 2. Intrusive media versus the psychic postal carrier
  7. Truth 3. Search: Beyond the “new Yellow Pages”
  8. Truth 4. Search: It’s like the stock market
  9. Truth 5. Top organic position: It’s not enough
  10. Part II. The Truth About the History of Paid Search
  11. Truth 6. The rise of search
  12. Truth 7. and the birth of PPC search
  13. Truth 8. Google introduces relevance and yield
  14. Truth 9. The rise of content and context
  15. Part III. The Truth About Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft
  16. Truth 10. PPC search: CPM in disguise?
  17. Truth 11. The search tax: Are search engines leeches?
  18. Truth 12. Search versus keyword-targeted versus behavioral
  19. Truth 13. Competitive and network click fraud: Problems and solutions
  20. Truth 14. Better targeting with Microsoft adCenter
  21. Part IV. The Truth About Customer Acquisition, ROI, Profit, and ROAS
  22. Truth 15. Search engine sales versus search engine marketing
  23. Truth 16. Manage your campaigns for maximum profit
  24. Truth 17. ROI and profitability: Beyond ROAS to lifetime value and CRM
  25. Truth 18. Missing conversions, offline conversion tracking, and SEM
  26. Truth 19. Search marketing as a metric
  27. Part V. The Truth About Branding and Search
  28. Truth 20. Branding metrics for SEM
  29. Truth 21. Search and the buying cycle
  30. Truth 22. Branding opportunities in keywords
  31. Truth 23. Paying for shelf space in the search supermarket
  32. Truth 24. Brand discounts at the major search engines
  33. Part VI. The Truth About Technology and Analytics
  34. Truth 25. Dirty data equals bad bids
  35. Truth 26. Should you be using web analytics to manage search?
  36. Truth 27. Who’s watching the bids?
  37. Truth 28. The click fraud conundrum
  38. Truth 29. Broad match keywords
  39. Truth 30. PPC backward and forward
  40. Part VII. The Truth About the Best Practices
  41. Truth 31. In-house versus outsourced SEM: The CMO’s guide to the outsourcing debate
  42. Truth 32. PPC search: Create, influence, capture, and harvest demand
  43. Truth 33. Moving beyond campaign efficiency to campaign effectiveness
  44. Truth 34. Keyword testing and expansion done right
  45. Truth 35. Test or die: Tune your Google ad campaign
  46. Truth 36. Best practices for PPC: Capturing the search curve tail
  47. Truth 37. Improve site usability to enhance conversion rates
  48. Truth 38. Beaten at your own name: Buying your brand
  49. Truth 39. Brands, trademarks, and the brand marketer’s dilemma
  50. Part VIII. The Truth About Optimizing Your Bids
  51. Truth 40. Start at the ad: CTR improvement with better creative
  52. Truth 41. Day-parts, day of the week, and other cherry-picking techniques
  53. Truth 42. Power segments deliver powerful results
  54. Truth 43. Better account structures deliver better results
  55. Part IX. The Truth About Landing Pages
  56. Truth 44. Creating new PPC search landing pages
  57. Truth 45. How to make landing pages better
  58. Truth 46. Best practices for landing page excellence
  59. Part X. The Truth About Second-Tier Engines and Nonsearch Keyword-Targeted Media
  60. Truth 47. Beyond search: Keyword-targeted media taps the power of Google’s AdSense
  61. Truth 48. Quasi-search: Contextual and behavioral marketing
  62. Truth 49. Behavioral marketing: Behaviorally retargeting searchers
  63. Part XI. The Truth About B2B Paid Search
  64. Truth 50. Keywords are not enough for B2B marketing
  65. Truth 51. B2B search best practices
  66. Part XII. The Truth About the Future of Keyword-Targeted Media
  67. Truth 52. Mobile keyword targeting
  68. Truth 53. Social search
  69. Truth 54. Are organic search results an endangered species?
  70. Truth 55. Search beyond the browser
  71. About the Author

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  • Title: The Truth About Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising
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  • Release date: March 2009
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