Silkscreened Gig Poster

Indie rock in limited color

The Brief

Design a silkscreen gig poster with a limited color palette

Trim Size

18 × 24 inches (457 × 610 mm)

Learning Points

  • Setting type in Photoshop

  • Applying strokes and type effects in Photoshop

  • Trapping inks for silkscreen printing using layers

  • Simplifying layers to match color plates



Fonts Used

Brandon Grotesque, Block Berthold


The indie band Luna has been spinning on Hugh’s turntable since the ’90s. Their music is chill yet loud. They are fantastic live. When he learned they were coming to San Francisco to play three full albums in their entirety over three nights, he wrote to ask if he could do a poster for the show. They said yes, and here’s ...

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