Part I: Influencing yourself — action and clarity

The first part of this book is about influencing yourself. When I say that, it is about creating a new level of action to go achieve what it is you are after. The problem, of course, is many people do not have any idea what it is that they are after. So, this part of the book will address these two main concepts — action and clarity

Three tools will be presented in this section of the book:

Tool number 1: breaking down the e-wall

• How to avoid a game of e-pong, where the customer hides behind the e-wall.

• Strategies for creating leverage and moving that customer to taking action.

• How to create a face-to-face environment to influence the customer directly.

Tool number 2: the butterfly

• How to recognise that the number one thing that holds people back is fear.

• How to change anxiety into an action signal.

• How to use that action signal to create successful habits and new results in business and life.

Tool number 3: the sunset

• How to gain clarity about what area of your life you want greatest results in.

• Using the sunset as a tool to uncover the clarity of others.

• How to use that understanding of others to influence them.

Chapter 1: Tool number 1: breaking down the e-wall

Customers are busier than they have ever been before. The easiest way for them to decipher and consider your proposal is when it has been in writing ...

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