The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft: Multiplayer and Resource Packs

Video description

Master powerful multiplayer Minecraft techniques and make the most of Minecraft’s amazing Resource Packs! Learn and do it all, in less than 2 hours of incredibly easy video… just watch!


Learn to survive and thrive in Minecraft’s brutal multiplayer environments, host your own Minecraft servers and adventures, and transform Minecraft’s in-game resources with your own content! In just two hours of amazingly easy video, the creators of the world’s best Minecraft video tutorials turn you into a Minecraft multiplayer expert, and help you make the most of Minecraft’s powerful resource packs. Joel and Zach Comm share up-to-the-minute strategies and tactics for evading, battling, and beating multiplayer competitors—from building a survival base to using gear and movement. You’ll walk through hosting and running your personal Minecraft server, recruiting players, and keeping everyone happy—including you! Next, the Comms walk you through tweaking textures, sounds, music, and even in-game messages… all with no scripting or coding! The Comms have already empowered thousands of Minecraft users through their videos The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Minecraft, Parts I and II. Now, they’ve put the incredible power of multiplayer and resource packs exactly where it belongs: in your hands!

Skill Level

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

What You Will Learn

  • How multiplayer servers work, and how to find and connect to them
  • Strategies for surviving and winning in hostile multiplayer environments
  • How to host and manage your own server
  • How to build your own resource packs to customize Minecraft’s in-game behavior and appearance
  • How to use third-party applications to modify Minecraft even more thoroughly

Who Should Take This Course

  • For everyone with any Minecraft experience who wants to master multiplayer Minecraft, survive in its more hostile Minecraft environment, and take advantage of powerful Minecraft Resource Packs.

Course Requirements

  • For all experienced Minecraft players

Table of Contents

Part 1: Survive Your Greatest Enemy: Other Players

Lesson 1.1: The Toughest Challenge

Lesson 1.2: Hide and Conquer

Lesson 1.3: Don't Fight to the Death

Lesson 1.4: Creative Etiquette

Lesson 1.5: Host your Own Adventure

Lesson 1.6: Server Administration 101

Lesson 1.7: Exploring Other Servers

Part 2: Creating Resource Packs

Lesson 2.1: Introduction to Resource Packs

Lesson 2.2: Create your Own Textures

Lesson 2.3: Use your Own Music

Lesson 2.4: Change Minecraft's Text

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Product information

  • Title: The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft: Multiplayer and Resource Packs
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2014
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 013412104X