Chapter 25

Finding and Utilizing Mentors


Exercise 25.1. Recognizing Past Mentors

Find a Mentor

Exercise 25.2. Finding Mentors

Be a Mentor

This chapter is simple. It shows sales pros how to speed up their journey to success by finding mentors to guide them. A method to identify and initiate a relationship with a mentor is described. There is also an encouragement to serve in the role of a mentor as well.

Everyone’s a Comedian

There’s an old vaudeville skit where a man comes crying to his physician.

“Doctor, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I hurt all over. If I touch my shoulder here, it hurts; and if I touch my leg here, it hurts; if I touch my head here, it hurts; and if I touch my foot here, it hurts.”

“I believe you’ve ...

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