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The Ultimate Startup Guide to Outbound Sales

Book Description

Actionable sales advice for startup founders, intrapreneurs, technical employees and inside sales representatives. If you have no previous sales experience, this book can be your quickstart guide to B2B sales. If you already have a sales background, you'll find the step-by-step action guides, proven templates and detailed strategies helpful to take your sales game to the next level.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Inbound Or Outbound Sales – Which One Should You Focus On?
    1. Cons of Outbound Sales
    2. Public Enemy Number One
    3. Interruption
    4. High-pressure Sales Tactics
    5. Time Inefficiency
    6. Finity
    7. Pros Of Outbound Sales
    8. It Works
    9. Predictable & Scalable
    10. Power To Choose Your Customers
    11. You Determine the Timing & Medium
    12. Immediate Results
    13. Targeted Reach
    14. Higher Level of Engagement
    15. Is Outbound Right For You?
    16. Your Strengths
    17. Your Market
    18. Your Results
  6. Lean Sales
    1. 1. Meet potential customers
    2. 2. Call potential customers
    3. 3. Email potential customers
    4. 4. Separating real buying intent vs. “lukewarm interest”
    5. Summarizing the 4 steps to validate your Startup idea with sales:
  7. Charge Money for Things That Don’t Exist Yet
    1. The Minimum Viable Pitch
    2. Most Prospects Won’t Bite and That’s OK
    3. This Is Exactly How We Got Started
    4. Fast Track to Product/Market Fit
  8. Selling Vision vs. Reality
    1. Resist the Urge to Oversell
    2. Sell the Vision - Just Not Too Much
    3. Don’t Let Them Buy...Yet
    4. This Is How You Get Brand Advocates
    5. Three Steps to Selling Vision and Reality
  9. Pitchology 101
    1. Focus on How You Say What You Say
    2. Get in the Zone
    3. Ask to Understand
    4. Present Solutions, not Features
    5. Manage Objections
    6. Ask for the Close
    7. Negotiate
    8. Follow Up
    9. Anticipate Rejection
    10. Ask for Referrals
  10. B2B Lead Generation
    1. Highest quantity/lowest quality: Buying Lists
    2. High quantity/low quality: Web Scraping
    3. Low quantity/high quality: Outsourced Lead Gen Team
    4. Lowest quantity/highest quality: Create Customer Profiles
    5. Find out what works best for you
  11. How to Qualify Prospects & Leads
    1. What Happens When You Don’t Qualify Leads?
    2. How to Qualify
    3. How NOT to Qualify
    4. Identify Red Flags during Qualifying
    5. 4 Signs of a Good Qualifying Process
    6. What If Many Of Your Prospects Don’t Qualify?
  12. Get Started With Cold Sales Emails
    1. Let’s look at these six simple steps to getting started with cold emails:
    2. 1) Write your subject line.
    3. 2) Write your email copy.
    4. 3) Get feedback.
    5. 4) Send 25-50 emails a day.
    6. 5) On the following day, look at these two metrics:
    7. 6) Iterate.
  13. Subject Lines That Get Emails Opened
    1. Write like a human being
    2. Avoid catchy slogans
    3. Lower caps
    4. Subject line only emails
    5. Use their name
    6. Misspellings
    7. Questions
    8. Your first sentence
    9. Keep your promises
    10. 4 cold email subject lines that get open rates of +35%
    11. 2 Bonus Tips for Effective Cold Emails
  14. Cold Email Templates
    1. There are 2 approaches to cold emails used today:
    2. Cold Email: Referral V1
    3. Cold Email: Referral V2
    4. Cold Email: Referral V3
    5. Subject: Can you point me in the right direction?
    6. Cold Email: Selling V1
    7. Cold Email: Selling V2
  15. The Successful Sales Call Blueprint
    1. Step #1: Introduction
    2. Step #2: Questions
    3. Step #3: The Pitch
    4. Step #4: Managing Objections
    5. Step #5: Next Steps
  16. Create a Sales Phone Script
    1. Let’s look at a simple cold call script structure you can use:
    2. Opening:
    3. Qualifying:
    4. Test Closing:
    5. Next Steps
  17. Cold Calling Conversion Funnel Metrics and Benchmarks
    1. Look at your entire cold calling conversion funnel:
    2. Improve your reach rate:
    3. Qualify more leads:
    4. Qualifying Benchmarks: 50%.
    5. Close more deals:
    6. Discover how to fix your funnel:
  18. Afraid Of Cold Calling? Turn Your Fear of Failure into Fearlessness
    1. Fear of Failure
    2. Turning Fears into Reality
    3. Changing Your State
  19. Manage any sales objection successfully!
    1. Here are the 5 simple steps:
    2. What are the benefits of doing this?
    3. Here are a few common objections to get you going:
  20. The Virtual Close
  21. Sell To “Non Believers” - Turn Doubt into Trust
    1. Let’s summarize the situation:
    2. What’s the issue?
    3. These fears are not purely rational. You cannot resolve irrational fears with rational arguments.
    4. 1) Sell on 3 levels
    5. 2) Address the Elephant in the Room
    6. 3) Make Them Recall Positive Reference Experiences
    7. Bridge the gap between doubt and trust
  22. Trust Trumps Transactions
    1. How could we build trust?
    2. Thousand Questions, One Issue
    3. Trust > Transparency
    4. The 3 Levels Of Trust
  23. Give References That Sell
    1. What’s the best time to give a customer reference?
    2. Why not use your customer references early?
    3. How do you tell prospects that you aren’t willing to give them a reference yet?
  24. B2B Referral Sales
    1. What does referral sales really mean?
    2. Why are referral leads better?
    3. Are referral leads still considered outbound leads?
    4. Why are so many sales people doing referral sales wrong?
    5. When is the best time to ask for a referral?
    6. The way most sales people try referrals:
    7. The right way to do referral sales:
    8. Referral Sales Script
    9. Referral Intro-Email Template
    10. After you close a referral
    11. Make referrals part of every deal
    12. Referral sales - the warm outbound lead generation growth engine
    13. What about referral incentives?
  25. Sales Hiring For B2B Startup Founders
    1. Stage #1: Founder-driven Sales (Founders only)
    2. Stage #2: Founder-led Sales Team (2-3 Sales Reps)
    3. Stage #3: Junior Sales Leader (3-15 Sales Reps)
    4. Stage #4: Senior Sales Leader (25+ Sales Reps)
    5. It’s hard – but it’s worth it
  26. Try our awesome sales software!
  27. Want more startup sales advice?
  28. Footnotes