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The Ultimate Writing Coach

Book Description

The Ultimate Writing Coach contains everything you need to know about writing and publishing. It presents authoritative guidance direct from professional writers covering the full gamut of both the fiction and non-fiction market. For fiction, there is coaching on everything from creating believable characters and writing short stories to specialist subjects such as crime and children's fiction. For non-fiction learn from expert advice on travel and technical writing, writing for the web, poetry and biographical writing, and journalism. This invaluable guide also includes succinct, practical guidance on actually getting published, with articles on how to get your submission right for immediate impact, contracts and legal issues, and the financial side.

There are handy tips on learning opportunities, whether you're a high school graduate looking to embark on a university degree or a full-time mom looking to take a short course or workshop. And a handy glossary of book trade terminology will ensure you're fully clued up on your industry jargon.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Writing Fiction: A Write R's View
  6. Notes from my Living Room
  7. Creating Believable Characters
  8. Writing from Experience
  9. Why Not Turn to Crime?
  10. The Other Side of the Bedroom Door
  11. Your Novel: The Essential Tick List
  12. Acquiring Fiction
  13. Short Stories: Writing Shorter
  14. Short Stories
  15. Writing Non-Fiction: Researching
  16. Travel Writing
  17. Have Camera, Will Travel
  18. Technical Writing
  19. Writing for the Web
  20. Ghosting and Co-writing
  21. Turning the Dream into Reality
  22. Biography & Memoir: Writing Biography
  23. What Makes A Good Memoir?
  24. Poetry: The Art Of Being There
  25. Poetry Publication
  26. Writing for Children: Gallons of Lemonade, and Steak and Kidney Pud
  27. Just So Stories
  28. Thinking Pre-school
  29. Writing Children's Non-fiction
  30. Illustration: Go For It!
  31. Publishing House Perspectives
  32. Scripts & Screenwriting: Writing for Radio
  33. Moving Into Movies
  34. Journalism & Freelancing: On Being a Freelancer
  35. Writing for Newspapers and Magazines
  36. ‘Can I Call Myself A Writer?’
  37. Learning Opportunities: Learning to Write
  38. Studying Creative Writing
  39. Studying Media and Publishing
  40. So You Want to Become a Journalist …
  41. submission Guidelines: Getting Your Submission Right
  42. First Impressions
  43. Publishing a Work of Non-fiction
  44. The Agent's View
  45. Getting Published: The Publishing Proces
  46. The Publishing House
  47. Contracts And Legal Issues
  48. The Financial Side
  49. Grants and Awards for New Writers
  50. self-Publishing & Publicity: The Publicity Department
  51. Self Publishing Dos and Don'ts
  52. Writing on the Web
  53. Becoming Your Own Sales Rep
  54. The Book Trade: Always Judge a Book By Its Cover
  55. So How Do Books Get Into Shops?
  56. Carry On Publishing
  57. Glossary: Glossary of Book Trade Terminology
  58. Copyright