BNR# Behavior at Powerup

Figure 48-7 on page 1198 illustrates the behavior of BNR# during and immediately after the assertion of reset.

  1. If BNR# was asserted before the assertion of reset, it must be deasserted within one clock after reset is sampled asserted. In addition, all Request Agents must reset their Stalled/Throttled/Free indicators to the Stalled state.

  2. The first BNR# sample point is two clocks after reset is sampled deasserted. If it is sampled asserted, all Request Agents must remain in the Stalled state.

  3. When asserted, BNR# must remain asserted for only one clock.

  4. When Request Agents are in the Stalled state, they sample BNR# every two clocks.

  5. On clock 12, BNR# is sampled deasserted and all Request Agents change to the throttled state ...

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