Chapter 5

School of Everything You Need to Know (in an Hour)


There were two really big things that Graham Weston and I brought back from our worldwide journey to the find the secret of entrepreneurship. One was the essence—a deeper understanding of the true heart of entrepreneurship. The other was a fresh insight into how to package the principles of entrepreneurial success into a business tool kit that you can carry around with you, starting on day one.

The master principles presented in the chapters that follow are a distillation of hours of discussions with Graham and his partners, years of exposure to Rackspace, and the lessons received from many great mentors—business experts, successful entrepreneurs, teachers and trainers, elite warriors, and many more. They’re principles that could only be articulated after visiting with the obsessive business builders who’ve made Israel into a Start-up Nation, being exposed to ideas like Accelerated Proficiency and Emotional Mechanics, and studying the visceral wisdom of the Navy SEALs and other unique team-makers we were fortunate enough to meet.

So welcome to your first day of school. You may already have a college degree or an MBA, so you’ve been to other schools—but never one quite like this. This is the School of Everything You Need to Know in an Hour, otherwise known as Accelerated Proficiency U. It’s built on the notion that the best businesspeople can tell you everything they know about succeeding—at least, everything ...

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