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The Very, Very Rich and How They Got That Way: The spectacular success stories of 15 men who made it to the very, very top

Book Description

The Very, Very Rich provides revealing insights into the intriguing world of big money, recounting the spectacular success stories of 15 men who made it to the very, very top. In 1972, Max Gunther invited readers to take a journey with him through a gallery of America's most prominent millionaires. The inhabitants framed here are by no means merely ordinary millionaires though, as the minimum qualifying standard to be considered for inclusion is ownership of assets valued at $100 million or more (the equivalent of $500 million today). This classic is now nearly 40 years old but its value endures, since the key steps on the route to wealth do not change with time. These secrets can be learned from, adapted and applied by anyone today.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing details
  3. Also by Max Gunther
  4. About the Author
  5. Editor’s Note
    1. The wealth of the very, very rich in today’s terms
  6. 1. The Golden Gallery
  7. 2. From Croesus to Crassus to Cornfeld
  8. 3. How to Get Rich Without Really Trying
    1. William Benton: One Hundred Fifty Million Dollars
  9. 4. The Salesmanship Route
    1. W. Clement Stone: Four Hundred Million Dollars
  10. 5. Can Fortune Building be Taught?
    1. Horatio Alger
    2. The Magical PMA
    3. The Tenth-Multiple Man
  11. 6. The Stock Market: Playing It
    1. Joseph Hirshhorn: One Hundred Million Dollars 1
  12. 7. The Stock Market: Selling It
    1. Bernard Cornfeld: One Hundred Fifty Million Dollars
  13. 8. The Scatterseeds Approach
    1. Howard Hughes: One Billion Dollars
  14. 9. Diggers and Drillers
    1. J. Paul Getty: One Billion Dollars 2
  15. 10. Do You Need Luck to Make a Million?
    1. The Theory and Practice of Luck 3
  16. 11. The Technology Route: The Jack-of-All-Trades Approach
    1. William Lear: Two Hundred Million Dollars 4
  17. 12. The Technology Route: The Specialist’s Approach
    1. Edwin Land: Five Hundred Million Dollars 5
  18. 13. Who Says It Can’t Be Done?
    1. They Wish They’d Never Said It 6
  19. 14. The Magic of “OPM”: 1. The Borrowing Route
    1. Daniel Ludwig: One Billion Dollars
  20. 15. The Magic of “OPM”: 2. The Equity Route
    1. James Ling: One Hundred Million Dollars
  21. 16. Real Estate: Building Big
    1. Conrad Hilton: One Hundred Million Dollars 7
  22. 17. Real Estate: Building Small
    1. The Levitts: One Hundred Million Dollars
  23. 18. The Psychology of the Rich
  24. 19. The Promoters: Of Ideas
    1. Glenn Turner: One Hundred Million Dollars 8
  25. 20. The Promoters: Of Things
    1. Jeno Paulucci: One Hundred Million Dollars
  26. 21. Other People’s Work
    1. Ray Kroc: One Hundred Million Dollars 9
  27. 22. The Mostly Late Bloomers
  28. 23. Advice from the Rich
    1. How to Get Rich on $5000 10
  29. 24. Fortune Makers of the Future
  30. Bibliography and Supplemental Reading
  31. Other titles by Max Gunther