List of Figures and Tables



How to Help This Book

Part I Book Overview and Background


Adventures in Twitter Data Discovery

Contemporary Dataviz 101

Primary Objective


More Important Than Ever

Revenge of the Laggards: The Current State of Dataviz

Book Overview

Defining the Visual Organization

Central Thesis of Book

Cui Bono?

Methodology: Story Matters Here

The Quest for Knowledge and Case Studies

Differentiation: A Note on Other Dataviz Texts

Plan of Attack



Chapter 1 The Ascent of the Visual Organization

The Rise of Big Data

Open Data

The Burgeoning Data Ecosystem

The New Web: Visual, Semantic, and API-Driven

The Arrival of the Visual Web

Linked Data and a More Semantic Web

The Relative Ease of Accessing Data

Greater Efficiency via Clouds and Data Centers

Better Data Tools

Greater Organizational Transparency

The Copycat Economy: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Data Journalism and the Nate Silver Effect

Digital Man

The Arrival of the Visual Citizen


The Visual Employee: A More Tech- and Data-Savvy Workforce

Navigating Our Data-Driven World



Chapter 2 Transforming Data into Insights: The Tools

Dataviz: Part of an Intelligent and Holistic Strategy

The Tyranny of Terminology: Dataviz, BI, Reporting, Analytics, and KPIs

Do Visual Organizations Eschew All Tried-and-True Reporting Tools?

Drawing Some Distinctions

The Dataviz Fab Five

Applications from Large Enterprise Software Vendors

LESVs: The Case For

LESVs: The ...

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