To my Rising Generation: Ellen, John, Natalie, Matt, Will, Alyssa, Ned, Catherine, Nancy-Elizabeth, and Chris; to the Next: Meg, Linnea, Sydney, Merrill, Miles, Ford, Jack, Thomas, Will, and Nadia; and to Jacqueline Merrill, who put her arm through mine.

—Jay Hughes

To Jonathan, John, Christopher, David, and Matthew—may you live lives full of health, happiness, and love.

—Susan Massenzio

To Kate, Dylan, Mary, Charli, Luke, Matt, Tristan, Cole, and Julia—may your journeys be “full of adventure, full of learning.”

—Keith Whitaker

To Anne D'Andrea, the fourth author of this book: Without your support of our collaboration, this book would never have arisen. Thank you.

—From all of us

Grow up, then, my Telemachus, grow strong. . . .Your dreams, my Telemachus, are blameless.

“Odysseus to Telemachus”

—Joseph Brodsky

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