Review Questions

1:For each of the following sets of classes, indicate whether public or private derivation is more appropriate for the second column:
class Bear                      class PolarBear
class Kitchen                   class Home
class Person                    class Programmer
class Person                    class HorseAndJockey

class Person, class Automobile  class Driver
2:Suppose we have the following definitions:
class Frabjous {
      char fab[20];
      Frabjous(const char * s = "C++") : fab(s) { }
      virtual void tell() { cout << fab; }

class Gloam {
      int glip;
      Frabjous fb;
      Gloam(int g = 0, const char * s = "C++");
      Gloam(int g, const Frabjous & f);
      void tell();

Given that the Gloam version of tell() should display the values of glip and fb, provide definitions for the three ...

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