anticipating push-back, 135

assessment, self, 29–33

career coaches, 48–50


describe an ideal day, 34–35

likes and dislikes, 36–38

my jobs, 46–47

the lottery, 44–46

who do you most admire and why?, 38–40

who do you most envy and why?, 40–41

write your biography, 42–44

job search teams, 51–53

plug and play, 50–51

reasons for, 30–32

attitude, 248

winning, 250–251

attorneys, hiring after separation, 20–21

auto allowances, negotiating, 228

awkward interview questions, 159–163

explaining awkward/embarrassing events, 170–173

why did you leave your job?

choosing to leave, 167–170

fired for cause, 163–167


back-office operations and infrastructure, summary statements (Bear Market resumes), 82

barriers, identifying (moving from sell-side ...

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