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The Wanda Way

Book Description

The Wanda Way is the definitive account of one of China's most remarkable organizations, the Dalian Wanda Group. The Group's founder and Chairman, Wang Jianlin, turned a loan of $120,000 into a $40-billion fortune and is now Asia's wealthiest man according to Forbes. In 1988, Wang founded Dalian Wanda, a property company in the north-eastern Chinese city of Dalian, with the sole purpose to redevelop houses in China's slums. Now, Dalian Wanda is the world's largest property developer, generating revenues of $40 billion globally, and owning some 9-million square meters of investment property. In 2012 Wanda became the world's largest cinema chain operator when, in addition to owning Wanda Cinemas and the Hoyts Group, it acquired AMC Theatres. Today, the group operates three primary businesses: property, culture and finance. In The Wanda Way, Wang Jianlin provides unprecedented insight into the ethos and activities that have created the extraordinary business success that is the Wanda empire. Wang describes his managerial philosophy and the essence of his business ideas to turn Wanda into a brand that is known by everyone in the world.